Koger Design Build is a design  and  construction  company  specialized in fine  finishing works, quality renovations and construction  activities, who pays special attention of details.

The company is also a reliable contractor prepared for construction of complicated house projects to answer the highest standards of quality and reliability of the buildings and to satisfy the biggest requirements of its present and future clients who are such as investors and entrepreneurs as well as highly educated and qualified specialists for instance respected doctors, successful lawyers and managers.

The projects which are executed by the company are house buildings, interior designs and renovations which meet the specific needs of the assignors and even exceed the expectations of individual.

This is proved by the recommendations which the company has earned from its clients for the well done job.

Koger Design Build is a company which takes care about the entrusted resources and given trust in regard to execution of the investment projects.

That’s why the company’s motto is:


We highly appreciate and keep given to us confidence from our assignors by the signed contracts with them, because it’s the key for having exclusively pleased and satisfied clients only.

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