Prefabricated Houses in Spain

Koger Design Build is an expert construction organization in Marbella region, which brings together in one place all the specialists needed in the construction process. Over the last two years, the company’s team has been developing, testing and certifying a construction system of highly durable structural elements for the construction of prefabricated and modular houses in Andalusia. The company offers its clients a complete service – instead of going to look for offers and pass through meeting to meeting with different subcontractors, they are dealing and talk to only one contractor who guides them throughout the whole process of entering in their dream house or villa in Costa del Sol. And after that company provides maintenance, repair, reconstruction and upgrading with additional elements at the request of the client for expansion or reconstruction of their house.

First we should summarize what is prefabricated construction of family house or villa it is  is the implementation of a modern proportional design, executed by highly qualified specialists, with state-of-the-art specialized equipment regardless of the usual regional ones for Marbella and Costa del Sol. The machine, the robot and the clock are the logical comparisons of this process of building your villa in Spain.. In order to explain what prefabricated construction is, we will describe the process as divide it into several parts or stages of construction of the houses.

Prefabricated construction begins first with its design. This is a process of improvement and modernization of the standard design. Why improvement and modernization – because this process requires a deep analysis of the overall vision of the project and a view through the prism of the proportion and possibility for reptition. In this way parts of the project are identified, which are made up of repeatable elements for example columns and architectural fields, formed between them or whole rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and why not a whole house or villa. In the design of high-rise residential buildings, the architect develops one floor, consisting of several apartments, each of which taken separately consists several rooms and all this must be fitted within the floor. After the development and design of the floor, the same is repeated several times in height. In this way, on the different floors, one gets bathroom over bathroom of the below floor, kitchen over kitchen, room over room, and so on. Aren’t these modules – rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, whole floors? But the process of prefabricated or modular design does not stop here. The most optimal size of the elements and modules must be identified, so that with its repetition and combination to be possible to compose an entire apartment or an entire floor of a house or villa that the client wants to build in the Costa del Sol and for which our construction company can do a lot.

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